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Just as we do with the files, we keep daily backups of the databases for up to 30 days on our Cloud hosting platform.

In order to rollback a backup of the website's database, you would need to login to your Cloud hosting control panel and then select 'Manage websites' on the website you would like to perform a restore on.

After that, you select 'MySQL Databases' under Database tools.

* Our backups are intended as a convenience service and are not guaranteed or intended to replace your backup procedures. It is your sole responsibility to ensure you have a backup of all your important data.

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That icon will open up a menu and you should proceed to the green 'Backup and Restore' tab.

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Once this is selected, you can select three options from the "I Would like to..." section.

In order to restore a backup, we would select the "Restore a database backup from the backup vault" option from the drop-down menu.

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When that option is selected, you will see the next page in which you can pick the database name of the database you would like to restore.

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You will then see the dates and times of the available databases. When you've selected the desired rollback, you should click on 'Proceed'.

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Once the rollback is completed successfully you will receive a green notification.

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