Where are your backups stored?

We take multiple daily snapshots of your website so, whether you accidentally delete a file or an entire directory, or need a version of a file from last Monday, you can self restore from within your control panel in just a few clicks. These backups are kept for up to thirty days. If you are unable to, or do not know how to, please contact customer support and we will be more than happy to do a site restore for you. We also take daily backups of databases. Backups are easily accessible via your control panel.

These backups are kept off-site. The reason they are kept off site is because if the server you are on happened to fail for any reason, we are able to restore sites to a backup version.  This allows us to recover more quickly in the case of an emergency in the location your site is served from.  The backups are stored as snapshots we are able to take backups multiple times per day with absolutely no performance degradation.

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